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“EnerKay saved my life the other day.  I took 4 kids to Disneyland last week.  What was I thinking?  Everyhting was OK, until about 3:00 p.m.  Then I was ready to pass out.  But then I found EnerKay in my purse, and next thing I know, I got my second wind.  Four kids till when?  Not a problem.”

Jenna Johnson, 45

“In my job, you are on the road for long periods of time, with sometimes very few stops.  So when I get tired and sleepy, I don’t have the option of waiting for the next truck stop or gas station.  So I carry Enerkay in my glove compartment.  It wakes me up fast, and gives me the energy I need to keep moving.  Best of all, I don’t have to worry about bathroom stops.”

Hector Gomez, 34

“Being an ER doctor means there are times when I am going to be dead tired, but don't have time EVEN for a SHORT break to go grab some form of boost of energy.  So I have to keep Enerkay in my pocket so I can get my energy boost.  It is fast, simple, and gives me what I need to keep going.”

Sarah Turner, 38